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Shanghai to Hangzhou train
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China’s high-speed rail network is vast and covers every province and region of the country. Traveling from Shanghai to Hangzhou by train can be a quick and easy way to get around, especially if you’re traveling light. There are several trains that run between the two cities every day, making it easy to find one that’ll get you there quickly and without hassle.

The Shanghai-Hangzhou high-speed railway, also known as the Huang high-speed railway or Huang passenger railway, is a rapid transit line connecting Shanghai and Hangzhou in eastern China. The line has a total length of 304 kilometers and runs at a maximum speed of 350 kilometers per hour. It began operations on November 1, 2012.

Shanghai – Hangzhou High-Speed Train

shanghai to hangzhou train

The Shanghai-Hangzhou high-speed train is a new rail line that will connect the two cities in just over three hours. The train will have a maximum operating speed of over 300 kilometers per hour and will make stops in both Shanghai and Hangzhou. It is expected to be completed by 2020.

The high-speed train will be a major improvement on the current transportation system between the two cities, making travel much more convenient for both passengers and businesses. It is also expected to help to reduce traffic congestion in the area, which has been an issue for years.

Currently, there are over 160 pairs of high-speed trains running daily between Shanghai and Hangzhou. With such a dense schedule and the shortest travel time between the two cities, this transportation option is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to get between Shanghai and Hangzhou. Considering the convenience and speed that high-speed rail provides, it’s no wonder why so many people are choosing to take this route rather than driving.

Not only is travel by train fast and efficient, but it also offers plenty of interesting sights and attractions along the way. From scenic countryside views to world-renowned tourist destinations like Shanghai Disney Resort and Wuhan Grandview Plaza, there’s something for everyone when traveling by train between Shanghai and Hangzhou.

Distance169 kilometers (105 miles)
TerminalsShanghai Railway Station, Shanghai Hongqiao Station, Hangzhou Railway Station, Hangzhou East Station
Shortest duration45 minutes
Number of trains122 pairs of G-category trains, 18 pairs of D-category trains

The timetable of 156 High-Speed Trains

Train No.DepartureArrivalDuration
G491301:05, Shanghai Hongqiao01:50, Hangzhou Dong (East)0H45M
G492701:10, Shanghai Hongqiao01:55, Hangzhou Dong (East)0H45M
G498503:05, Shanghai Hongqiao03:50, Hangzhou Dong (East)0H45M
G493703:32, Shanghai Hongqiao04:17, Hangzhou Dong (East)0H45M
G483105:16, Shanghai Hongqiao06:01, Hangzhou Dong (East)0H45M
G483305:22,Shanghai Hongqiao06:07, Hangzhou Dong (East)0H45M
G754124:00, Shanghai Hongqiao24:00, Hangzhou Dong (East)99H59M
G132106:11,Shanghai Hongqiao06:57, Hangzhou Dong (East)0H46M
G733106:17, Shanghai Hongqiao07:16, Hangzhou Dong (East)0H59M
G733306:29,Shanghai Hongqiao07:21, Hangzhou Dong (East)0H52M
D314506:40, Shanghai Hongqiao07:41, Hangzhou Dong (East)1H1M
G138306:45,Shanghai Hongqiao07:46, Hangzhou Dong (East)1H1M
G750106:50, Shanghai Hongqiao07:56, Hangzhou Dong (East)1H6M
G165106:55,Shanghai Hongqiao08:00, Hangzhou Dong (East)1H5M
D37907:02,Shanghai Hongqiao08:08, Hangzhou Dong (East)1H6M
G754307:07,Shanghai Hongqiao08:04, Hangzhou Dong (East)0H57M
G236507:12,Shanghai Hongqiao08:18, Hangzhou Dong (East)1H6M
G137107:22,Shanghai Hongqiao08:23, Hangzhou Dong (East)1H1M
G739507:27,Shanghai Hongqiao08:33,Hangzhou1H6M
G134124:00,Shanghai Hongqiao24:00, Hangzhou Dong (East)99H59M
G474107:32,Shanghai Hongqiao08:31, Hangzhou Dong (East)0H59M
D313107:37,Shanghai Hongqiao08:38, Hangzhou Dong (East)1H1M
D228707:46,Shanghai Hongqiao09:07, Hangzhou Dong (East)1H21M
G163107:54,Shanghai Hongqiao08:49, Hangzhou Dong (East)0H55M
G8508:00,Shanghai Hongqiao08:45, Hangzhou Dong (East)0H45M
G750308:04,Shanghai Hongqiao08:57, Hangzhou Dong (East)0H53M
G731708:05,Shanghai09:46, Hangzhou Dong (East)1H41M
G754908:10,Shanghai Hongqiao09:12, Hangzhou Dong (East)1H2M
G165308:15,Shanghai Hongqiao09:01, Hangzhou Dong (East)0H46M
D320108:20,Shanghai Hongqiao09:28, Hangzhou Dong (East)1H8M
G133708:25,Shanghai Hongqiao09:24, Hangzhou Dong (East)0H59M
G732508:30,Shanghai Hongqiao09:58, Hangzhou Dong (East)1H28M
G150924:00,Shanghai Hongqiao24:00, Hangzhou Dong (East)99H59M
D312508:49,Shanghai Hongqiao10:09, Hangzhou Dong (East)1H20M
G137308:55,Shanghai Hongqiao09:42, Hangzhou Dong (East)0H47M
G750509:00,Shanghai Hongqiao09:54, Hangzhou Dong (East)0H54M
D228509:05,Shanghai Hongqiao10:18, Hangzhou Dong (East)1H13M
G734909:10,Shanghai Hongqiao10:04, Hangzhou Dong (East)0H54M
G758109:16,Shanghai Hongqiao10:32, Hangzhou Dong (East)1H16M
G165509:23,Shanghai Hongqiao10:23, Hangzhou Dong (East)1H0M
G137709:28,Shanghai Hongqiao10:27, Hangzhou Dong (East)0H59M
D320509:35,Shanghai Hongqiao10:36, Hangzhou Dong (East)1H1M
G731909:38,Shanghai11:02, Hangzhou Dong (East)1H24M
D310709:40,Shanghai Hongqiao11:22,Hangzhou Dong (East)1H42M
G738909:46,Shanghai Hongqiao10:40, Hangzhou Dong (East)0H54M
G134709:51,Shanghai Hongqiao10:50,Hangzhou Dong (East)0H59M
G758709:58,Shanghai Hongqiao10:54, Hangzhou Dong (East)0H56M
G150110:03,Shanghai Hongqiao10:58,Hangzhou Dong (East)0H55M
G750710:13,Shanghai Hongqiao11:06, Hangzhou Dong (East)0H53M
G165710:18,Shanghai Hongqiao11:18,Hangzhou Dong (East)1H0M
G476110:23,Shanghai Hongqiao11:26, Hangzhou Dong (East)1H3M
G130124:00,Shanghai Hongqiao24:00, Hangzhou Dong (East)99H59M
D228110:28,Shanghai Hongqiao11:31, Hangzhou Dong (East)1H3M
G758910:34,Shanghai Hongqiao11:41, Hangzhou Dong (East)1H7M
D313510:42,Shanghai Hongqiao12:12, Hangzhou Dong (East)1H30M
G134910:48,Shanghai Hongqiao11:48, Hangzhou Dong (East)1H0M
G750910:58,Shanghai Hongqiao11:58, Hangzhou Dong (East)1H0M
G746111:04,Shanghai Hongqiao12:20, Hangzhou Dong (East)1H16M
G759911:10,Shanghai Hongqiao12:03, Hangzhou Dong (East)0H53M
G137511:15,Shanghai Hongqiao12:07,Hangzhou Dong (East)0H52M
D228311:24,Shanghai Hongqiao12:25, Hangzhou Dong (East)1H1M
G753711:29,Shanghai Hongqiao12:30, Hangzhou Dong (East)1H1M
G735111:34,Shanghai Hongqiao12:49,Hangzhou1H15M
G133311:39,Shanghai Hongqiao12:39, Hangzhou Dong (East)1H0M
G719111:51,Shanghai Hongqiao12:47, Hangzhou Dong (East)0H56M
G167311:56,Shanghai Hongqiao12:59, Hangzhou Dong (East)1H3M
G759112:01,Shanghai Hongqiao13:04, Hangzhou Dong (East)1H3M
G751112:08,Shanghai Hongqiao12:55, Hangzhou Dong (East)0H47M
D329112:15,Shanghai Hongqiao13:16, Hangzhou Dong (East)1H1M
G138712:20,Shanghai Hongqiao13:21, Hangzhou Dong (East)1H1M
G476912:25,Shanghai Hongqiao13:25, Hangzhou Dong (East)1H0M
G163324:00,Shanghai Hongqiao24:00, Hangzhou Dong (East)99H59M
G733512:30,Shanghai Hongqiao13:29, Hangzhou Dong (East)0H59M
G136912:40,Shanghai Hongqiao13:40, Hangzhou Dong (East)1H0M
G719312:46,Shanghai Hongqiao14:06, Hangzhou Dong (East)1H20M
G737512:51,Shanghai Hongqiao13:54,Hangzhou Dong (East)1H3M
G165912:57,Shanghai Hongqiao13:50, Hangzhou Dong (East)0H53M
G759513:04,Shanghai Hongqiao14:10,Hangzhou Dong (East)1H6M
G138913:10,Shanghai Hongqiao14:02, Hangzhou Dong (East)0H52M
D314113:19,Shanghai Hongqiao14:21, Hangzhou Dong (East)1H2M
G135324:00,Shanghai Hongqiao24:00, Hangzhou Dong (East)99H59M
G730113:30,Shanghai Hongqiao14:31, Hangzhou Dong (East)1H1M
G132913:41,Shanghai Hongqiao14:40, Hangzhou Dong (East)0H59M
G135513:47,Shanghai Hongqiao14:46, Hangzhou Dong (East)0H59M
G751514:00,Shanghai Hongqiao15:02, Hangzhou Dong (East)1H2M
G731514:05,Shanghai Hongqiao15:08, Hangzhou Dong (East)1H3M
G9914:10,Shanghai Hongqiao14:58, Hangzhou Dong (East)0H48M
G753914:15,Shanghai Hongqiao15:14, Hangzhou Dong (East)0H59M
G757514:19,Shanghai Hongqiao15:19, Hangzhou Dong (East)1H0M
G734714:25,Shanghai Hongqiao15:25, Hangzhou Dong (East)1H0M
G163514:35,Shanghai Hongqiao15:36, Hangzhou Dong (East)1H1M
G758314:40,Shanghai Hongqiao15:40, Hangzhou Dong (East)1H0M
D38114:45,Shanghai Hongqiao16:16, Hangzhou Dong (East)1H31M
G4114:51,Shanghai Hongqiao15:48,Hangzhou Dong (East)0H57M
G751714:56,Shanghai Hongqiao15:44, Hangzhou Dong (East)0H48M
G135715:01,Shanghai Hongqiao15:54,Hangzhou Dong (East)0H53M
D310115:08,Shanghai Hongqiao16:27, Hangzhou Dong (East)1H19M
G163715:13,Shanghai Hongqiao16:22, Hangzhou Dong (East)1H9M
G130515:25,Shanghai Hongqiao16:12, Hangzhou Dong (East)0H47M
G733715:32,Shanghai Hongqiao16:32, Hangzhou Dong (East)1H0M
G135915:37,Shanghai Hongqiao16:36, Hangzhou Dong (East)0H59M
G754515:47,Shanghai Hongqiao16:47,Hangzhou Dong (East)1H0M
G751924:00,Shanghai Hongqiao24:00, Hangzhou Dong (East)99H59M
G493315:52,Shanghai Hongqiao16:51, Hangzhou Dong (East)0H59M
D310315:57,Shanghai Hongqiao16:58, Hangzhou Dong (East)1H1M
G736516:07,Shanghai Hongqiao17:03, Hangzhou Dong (East)0H56M
G757116:12,Shanghai Hongqiao17:12, Hangzhou Dong (East)1H0M
G732116:17,Shanghai Hongqiao17:16, Hangzhou Dong (East)0H59M
G730316:22,Shanghai Hongqiao17:32, Hangzhou Dong (East)1H10M
G158316:32,Shanghai Hongqiao17:27, Hangzhou Dong (East)0H55M
G136116:42,Shanghai Hongqiao17:41, Hangzhou Dong (East)0H59M
G752116:47,Shanghai Hongqiao17:53, Hangzhou Dong (East)1H6M
G138517:00, Shanghai Hongqiao17:59, Hangzhou Dong (East)0H59M
G756317:04, Shanghai Hongqiao18:06, Hangzhou Dong (East)1H2M
G136317:09, Shanghai Hongqiao18:19, Hangzhou Dong (East)1H10M
G758517:14, Shanghai Hongqiao18:14,Hangzhou Dong (East)1H0M
G163917:22, Shanghai Hongqiao18:29, Hangzhou Dong (East)1H7M
G730517:27, Shanghai Hongqiao18:33, Hangzhou Dong (East)1H6M
G738517:32, Shanghai Hongqiao18:42, Hangzhou Dong (East)1H10M
G136524:00, Shanghai Hongqiao24:00, Hangzhou Dong (East)99H59M
G139317:45, Shanghai Hongqiao18:46, Hangzhou Dong (East)1H1M
G735917:51, Shanghai19:31, Hangzhou1H40M
G736717:53, Shanghai Hongqiao19:03, Hangzhou Dong (East)1H10M
G752517:58, Shanghai Hongqiao18:58,Hangzhou Dong (East)1H0M
G730718:07, Shanghai Hongqiao19:11, Hangzhou Dong (East)1H4M
G737118:13, Shanghai Hongqiao19:07, Hangzhou Dong (East)0H54M
G739118:18, Shanghai Hongqiao19:39, Hangzhou1H21M
G139518:28, Shanghai Hongqiao19:28,Hangzhou Dong (East)1H0M
G733918:35, Shanghai Hongqiao19:35, Hangzhou Dong (East)1H0M
G168924:00, Shanghai Hongqiao24:00, Hangzhou Dong (East)99H59M
G730918:48, Shanghai Hongqiao19:40, Hangzhou Dong (East)0H52M
G122718:56, Shanghai Hongqiao19:51,Hangzhou Dong (East)0H55M
G753519:01, Shanghai Hongqiao19:55, Hangzhou Dong (East)0H54M
D332319:06, Shanghai Hongqiao20:02,Hangzhou Dong (East)0H56M
G491119:11, Shanghai Hongqiao20:06, Hangzhou Dong (East)0H55M
G738124:00, Shanghai Hongqiao24:00,Hangzhou Dong (East)99H59M
G756119:16, Shanghai Hongqiao20:10, Hangzhou Dong (East)0H54M
G186519:21, Shanghai Hongqiao20:26, Hangzhou Dong (East)1H5M
G755719:28, Shanghai Hongqiao20:32, Hangzhou Dong (East)1H4M
G749119:33, Shanghai Hongqiao20:21,Hangzhou Dong (East)0H48M
D90519:37, Shanghai21:08, Hangzhou Dong (East)1H31M
G490519:41, Shanghai Hongqiao20:41,Hangzhou Dong (East)1H0M
G755124:00, Shanghai Hongqiao24:00, Hangzhou Dong (East)99H59M
G4319:47, Shanghai Hongqiao20:47, Hangzhou Dong (East)1H0M
D94119:55, Shanghai Hongqiao20:53, Hangzhou Dong (East)0H58M
D93120:00, Shanghai Hongqiao20:58, Hangzhou Dong (East)0H58M
D93520:05, Shanghai Hongqiao21:03, Hangzhou Dong (East)0H58M
G752720:21, Shanghai Hongqiao21:22, Hangzhou Dong (East)1H1M
G752920:35, Shanghai Hongqiao21:42, Hangzhou Dong (East)1H7M
G738320:44, Shanghai Hongqiao21:51, Hangzhou Dong (East)1H7M
G498721:05, Shanghai Hongqiao22:08, Hangzhou Dong (East)1H3M
G755524:00, Shanghai Hongqiao24:00, Hangzhou Dong (East)99H59M
G755321:11, Shanghai Hongqiao22:03, Hangzhou Dong (East)0H52M
G735521:30, Shanghai Hongqiao22:28, Hangzhou0H58M
G489522:05, Shanghai Hongqiao22:50, Hangzhou Dong (East)0H45M
G488522:25, Shanghai Hongqiao23:10, Hangzhou Dong (East)0H45M

Children’s Tickets

Train tickets for children are 50% of the full price for seats. This applies to children younger than 12 years of age and not taller than 1.5 m (4.9 feet). For example, a ticket for a child aged 4 to 11 years costs 80RMB while a ticket for an adult costs 128RMB.

Train Stations of Shanghai – Hangzhou Bullet Trains

shanghai to hangzhou train

Shanghai is the largest city in China and its economic powerhouse. Rail travel is an essential part of life in Shanghai, and the city has several train stations that make getting around easy. Here are the top three train stations in Shanghai:

The main Shanghai railway station serves as a hub for trains to all parts of China. It’s located close to Pudong International Airport and numerous hotels.

Hangzhou East Railway Station is located in Hangzhou, one of China’s most popular tourist destinations. It has direct connections to major cities throughout China, including Beijing, Guangzhou, Xi’an, Wuhan, and more.

The third and final Shanghai train station is Nanjing North Railway Station. This station serves commuters between Shanghai and Nanjing on the high-speed rail line that connects these two major cities.

Train No.Departure – ArrivalTravel Time
G753008:39 – 09:380h59m
G750811:31 – 12:270h56m
G734813:12 – 14:040h52m
G730814:51 – 15:460h55m
G751816:26 – 17:250h59m

Hangzhou East Railway Station (Chinese: 杭州东站)

Hangzhou East Railway Station is one of the busiest railway stations in China. It serves as the main railway station for trains traveling between Shanghai and Hangzhou. The station is also a major transportation hub for buses, cars, and bicycles. Hangzhou East Railway Station was built in 1915 and underwent a major renovation in 2009.

Business Class SeatFirst Class SeatSecond Class Seat
G trainsCNY 219.5 – 278.5
USD 34 – 43
CNY 117 – 147.5
USD 18 – 23
CNY 73 – 92.5
USD 11 – 14
D trainsCNY 74 – 104
USD 11 – 16
CNY 32 – 65
USD 5 – 10


In conclusion, the train ride from Shanghai to Hangzhou was a great way to see the beautiful scenery of China. The train was comfortable and easy to use, and the staff was friendly and helpful. We would definitely recommend this trip to anyone looking for a unique way to see China.